Show off your consignment

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Potential buyers want to know all they can about your standout, and now you can show them.

Detailed pedigree

Go beyond the sales catalog to give a deeper insight into your horse’s pedigree such as race details and sibling success.

Real-time updates

A dynamic landing page allows you to share the latest information on your consignment, unlike a static catalog.

Easy to manage

Custom content management makes it easy to update your landing page from anywhere at anytime.

Compete at a different level

You’ve thought about taking a different approach to your marketing efforts for this year’s sale, but you don’t know where to start. The first step is to shift your way of thinking, and move beyond what you’ve always done in the past. The industry is changing and using new technologies every day. We think you should too.

An end-to-end partner

Bluegrass has been a one-stop shop for marketing efforts for 40 years. We pride ourselves on our unique capability to handle a wide range of services in-house. From marketing strategy to web design and social media to managing data, the possibilities are endless.

A direct connection

A planned and targeted approach to your marketing campaign will let you deliver personalized messages to each recipient. Making this type of connection with prospective buyers, customers or breeders will set you apart from your competition. Preparation up front will pay off in the long run.

You know your sales horse is a standout, now show the world.

Draw the attention of potential buyers like never before.

Detailed Pedigree

Give potential buyers a deeper insight into your horse’s pedigree through videos, sibling successes, female family updates, etc. Unlike a printed sales catalog, a landing page can change its content up until the gavel drops on the day of the sale.

Real-Time Updates

Update the information on your landing page as the change as happening from any device. Push these updates to social media to drive traffic to your barn like never before. You’ll be sure to create a buzz this sales season.

Easy to Manage

Our team will create a custom content management system for you so you can update all of the information about your consignment on your own. We will train you on how to use it, and we will be there when you have any questions.

Why use a landing page?

Easy Inquiries

Contact forms allow interested parties to reach you in a new way, at their convenience, even from their phone.

Track Interest

Get a deeper insight into the level of interest in your consignment. Your contact form can tell you who is interested and why.

Expand Your Message

Interactive pages, photos and even video help to tell a richer story than a print ad or sales catalog.

  • Direct Mail
  • Web Design
  • Creative Services
  • List Management

Direct Mail

Direct mail has stood the test of time and is still a great way to reach your audience. Mailboxes aren’t as cluttered as they used to be, and your direct mail piece is sure to stand out and be noticed by your audience. With a 100% open rate, postcards are an effective prospecting tool in your direct marketing toolbox.

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Email Campaign

Email is a great relationship-building tool. You can reach your audience in real time, and tailor your messages to their behavior. Email also reaches your audience where they are. Your audience is more connected than ever, and most access their email from smart phones or tablets. Our team can make sure your emails effectively tell your story.

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Web Design

Our website design process is based on thorough consultations with clients through which we find solutions that will fit your marketing needs best. We are expert website designers building affordable yet professional and effective websites that are easily found by search engines.

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Creative Services

Our in-house creative team, Intersect Creative, can handle specialty advertising, sales books, call-out cards, letterhead packages, program advertising, event programs, newsletters, calendars, print and electronic advertising, trade show booth design, trade show materials, signage including fleet graphics and billboards, just to name a few things.

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Social Media

There are so many social media options out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our team will help you understand which platforms are best for you and your specific marketing needs and will help you craft a strategy that will spark meaningful conversations.

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List Management

Your direct marketing efforts are only as good as your mailing lists. Let us show you some powerful examples that will surprise you in their simplicity and effectiveness. The sophistication of your marketing can grow in small steps. We have experience from hundreds of marketing campaigns and can put together entire programs.

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The industry is changing. Don’t get left behind.

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